If I travel abroad, cash or debit cards?

If I travel abroad, cash or debit cards?

Before, traveling was something much more complicated by the connections and, above all, by the cost that it had. However, currently travel is within the reach of the vast majority of citizens, but one of the first questions that arise is whether it will be better to take cash or pay by debit card . Well, the answer to this question will depend on the person, the preferences and the situation in which you are. Therefore, in the following article we will explain what is the best way to organize our payments if we decide to travel abroad .

Why use a card to pay abroad?

If we decide to travel with a debit card to make payments abroad, it is important that we take into account certain aspects:

  • Even if we are going to make the payments with the card, it is important that we also make sure to take some cash with us , since, in this way, we can solve specific incidentals that arise. For example, if we need to buy some food and no business has a dataphone, nor there are ATMs in the area, the money in cash will solve the problem.
  • If we travel to a country that uses the euro currency, we may find it even more advisable to carry a large amount in cash and the rest of the money in the debit card.
  • If we travel outside the euro zone, it will be better to use the debit card , since we will only pay for the change of currency only once, each time a purchase is made.
  • We must also bear in mind that in some countries and depending on what products or services will not accept that we make the payment by debit card and we may need a credit .

Beyond these aspects, below we show some of the most advantageous and competitive debit cards in the current market:

Debit Terms  
ING debit card
  • Free forever
  • Refund of 3% in Galp and Shell
  • It has contactless technology
ImaginBank Imagin Visa
  • No issue or maintenance fees
  • National transfers without cost
  • With contactless technology
Now BBVA Card
  • Insurance in case of ATM robbery and protection in case of fraudulent use
  • Free if we comply with the conditions of the Goodbye Commissions Program
  • Contactless service

3 common commissions payable by card

In any case, if we finally opt for debit cards to make payments when traveling, it is important that we know what are the most common fees that can be applied by the issuing entities of these plastics:

  1. Commission for currency exchange : this added cost will only be paid if we travel to a country where the euro is not used. It is important that we know that this commission is usually higher when the currency exchange is made with bills, that is, physically.
  2. Commission payable in foreign establishments : this is usually more common in purchases made in establishments in countries where the euro is not used either. It can be a set percentage and even include a minimum.
  3. Commission for withdrawing money from an ATM : it is usually the most common and, generally, the highest amount. In fact, it can reach up to 6.00%, depending on the amount, the cashier and the issuing entity.

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