Finance travel – Loans for your dream getaway

Finance travel – Loans for your dream getaway

Discover with what loans you can get the ideal financing to go on a trip. On this page you will find the products with which you can finance your trip at the best price and pay it in easy installments. In addition we also offer you several useful tips that will help you make the right decision.

Can I finance a trip requesting a credit?

The answer is yes. Loans to finance trips are consumer loans granted by banks or private companies that allow us to have the money we need to make the trip we have always dreamed of. These products not only include the tickets that will take us to our destination, but also all the expenses that may occur during the stay. Some of them are: hotel reservations, meals, activities or any other service that we want to hire during these days.

However, hiring the financing to carry out the trip we want will vary depending on the following factors:

  • Our economic situation
  • Our financial need
  • The cost that we can assume in each installment.

However, there are also products with which we can from booking a getaway to financing celebrations with loans. Therefore, it is a matter of comparing several consumer credits offered by different entities to know the conditions offered by opting for each of them.

Some reasons to request financing for travel

Resorting to a consumer credit will allow us to carry out projects such as starting to study, renovating our home or getting financing for a motorcycle . Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures in the world. However, it is not always within our reach. If our savings do not allow us to choose a destination, we can finance trips with different types of loans so that we do not have to save all year or postpone the getaway.

Here are some advantages of travel loans:

  1. They allow you to request small amounts of money that can complete our savings.

  2. If we need a higher amount, we can ask for a quick credit and pay it in installments. However, we must be careful with the deadline so that it does not last too long.

  3. The possibility of returning the money in different monthly payments makes it easier for us to finance our trip.

  4. They allow us to benefit from the temporary promotions of flight or hotel companies. Credit cards can help us make the purchase instantly and pay later.

Although financing travel we are getting to make this long-awaited break, it is a decision we must consider. Depending on the destination, we may need a high amount. If this is our case, we must bear in mind that we will be contracting a long-term debt. For this reason, it is advisable to resort to a consumer credit for this purpose only if our financial capacity allows it.

What will we find in the credits to travel?

The guarantee of loans designed to finance a trip is usually personal just as it is, for example, the financing of a car. Then, it is usually not necessary to provide an additional guarantee such as a guarantee or a home ownership. Below we show other conditions usually offer these financing products:

  • Concession faster than other credits. The processing of loans to finance travel is usually done before because in this case it is not necessary to have a particular asset to request them.

  • We can adapt the fees to our financial capacity. The form of payment is through monthly payments that include a part of the capital plus the corresponding amount of interest according to the term. However, it will depend on the specific conditions of each entity.

  • The interest rate can be fixed or variable . Most of the entities’ products will have a fixed cost that will not change in the future. In case of having a variable rate, the entity can review this percentage periodically.

  • If we go to a private entity, we will have the money in 48 hours. These lenders usually have approval processes faster than banks. In addition, we will not have to move to an office with all the necessary documentation if we choose to do it online.

These conditions will depend on the type of product we have chosen to finance our trip. It will not be the same to request a smaller amount for a near or urgent trip than one of more time or that requires more displacement, hotel or leisure activities.

The credits allow to finance trips of any amount

The price of a trip will depend on variables such as the destination or the transport that we use. Therefore, the amount that we will need will depend on the characteristics of it. For this reason, there are different types of loans that are adapted to each situation. Here are some types:

  • Minicréditos. From 50 to 1,000 euros to return from 1 to 30 days.

  • Quick credits From 100 to 5,000 euros to return from 1 to 24 months.

  • Personal loans.   From 3,000 to 50,000 euros to return from 1 to 10 years.

  • Credit cards. The loan will depend on our financial profile with a term from 1 month to 5 years.

After having this information, we will have more capacity to have a perspective on what are the conditions that are currently marketed in the market. This will allow us to correctly choose the product that best suits our profile and our needs , while saving capital and not overpaying.

Make your own numbers with the HelpMyCash calculator

In the event that we are not good at numbers or prefer to have a more detailed report according to the conditions of the loan to travel that has been offered by one or several entities. With the aim of clearing our doubts, the experts of HelpMyCash make available to the user the following tool completely free of charge:


Accessing it we can know the amount to which each monthly payment will rise and the total cost of a given loan according to the conditions it presents. Once we have the result, we can decide if our financial capacity does not allow us to repay that amount on time.

How long do I have to wait to receive my credit?

When looking for financing, one of the aspects that we give priority to is the time it will take to get the money we have requested, especially if we need funding urgently. These times may vary depending on the lender we go to. However, these are usually the waiting processes of the different credits to finance trips:

  • Minicréditos. The approval of the application is made online. Once approved, if the client has an account in one of the banks with which the lender works, the deposit is made in 15 minutes. If not, it may take up to 48 hours.

  • Quick credits Its approval process is similar to that of the mini credits. The response of the application will take a few minutes and the income of the money will take between 15 minutes and 48 hours . However, the wait will vary depending on the quantity that we have ordered.

  • Personal loans If the loan for travel is through a bank it may take several weeks . In the event that we have gone to a private company this figure will be reduced to between 24 and 48 hours once the application is approved.

  • Credit cards. It is the fastest way to finance travel if we have one in our portfolio. If not, the approval of the card will take around two weeks , which can be a problem if we need to move urgently.

Therefore, the speed with which we need to have the money in our account can be a reason to opt for one type of product or another. In addition, knowing the bank with which a lender operates is a factor to be taken into account if we need the money immediately.

Are there insurance products to finance a trip?

The answer is yes. There are many products on the market to finance a trip. Therefore, it is possible to find personal loans that include some insurance in their conditions. However, most of the credits to finance trips do not usually have any.

We should not rule out a loan to finance a trip to include some insurance. It is possible that this condition supposes, in some cases, an opportunity to obtain a lower interest that reduces the total cost of consumer credit that will allow us to choose a destination.

Credit cards include free insurance

If we are looking for a free insurance with which to travel safely, not only is the option to contract the insurance offered by the entity in which we are requesting the credit. If we choose to finance the trip with our credit card, many of them include coverage that covers delays, baggage losses, accidents abroad, etc.

To enjoy these insurance we must buy the tickets with the card . Otherwise, we will not be able to claim these coverages in the event of a setback. If we have suffered a mishap that appears in the conditions of the issuer of the card, it is essential to call the company immediately to be aware of what happened and can begin with all procedures.

Requirements to apply for a loan for travel

The requirements that we will have to meet to finance our trip will be different depending on its price, the loan we want to contract and the entity we go to. However, in most cases we will have to meet the following conditions to obtain the credit:

  • Be of legal age In some cases they may require us to be over 21 or even 25 years old.

  • Have a DNI, NIE or passport that certify that we reside permanently in Spain.

  • Have regular, stable and sufficient income that serves as a guarantee to the lender that we have the economic capacity to repay the loan.

  • Do not appear on any list of defaulters. However, if this is our case, certain companies grant loans to people with this profile.

Although these are the minimum conditions that any company we are going to ask will ask us, each one can establish their own conditions. Therefore, that an entity does not approve our request does not mean that we will not be able to finance a trip. We can try our luck in other lenders.

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What other alternatives do I have if I want to finance a trip?

More and more entities are offering loans to finance different projects related to leisure. In fact, it is even possible to finance ps4 through different products. Although applying for a loan to travel through a loan entity is a good idea, there are also other companies that can offer good proposals:

  • Financing the hand of large surfaces. Establishments such as Carrefour, Eroski or El Corte Inglés can offer us travel financing. In addition, their interest tends to be very similar to what we can find in private credit institutions.

  • Travel agency. They also allow us to obtain financing in comfortable installments, with minimum expenses and to repay up to 12 months. These offers can be found both in physical travel agencies and through similar online companies.

  • Travel centers. These are companies specialized in passenger transport and tourism services that also allow us to access travel financing, with repayment terms of up to 10 months, a 0% TIN and opening fees of between 2% and 4% .

There are different types of financing for all types of travel and financial profiles. Therefore, finding the type of financing that best suits us will be a matter of searching and comparing until we locate the most profitable alternative that most convinces us .

Our budget will be important to fund trips

Choosing a destination is not always easy if we love visiting unknown places. For this reason, below we make the numbers to visit three totally different locations according to the amount that we want to spend.

Finance your trip to enjoy London

London has something that hooks and that makes everyone like it. It is a tireless city and has a host of cultural and leisure plans to discover. Also, traveling to this city does not have to be expensive. Today, there are many flights of low cost companies that allow us not to empty our pockets. As for accommodation, the city is known for its Bed & Breakfast, so we can get somewhere to sleep with a reduced budget.

The average budget for a 3-day couple getaway to London can leave us for about 500 euros including flights, airport transportation, accommodation, transportation by city, food and some extra. To finance this trip we can request a mini-credit or make the payment with a credit card.

With both options we can get the money immediately, and even for free . If we request an online mini-credit, we can call on some lenders who offer them without interest, if we pay within the agreed term. If we prefer the payment with a credit card, we could reimburse the capital to expired month and thus we will add any cost out of the budget of the trip.

Personal loans to travel to Thailand

This country has become the most requested and desired destination by travelers in recent years. The budget necessary for a 10-day trip can be found from 1,200 euros per person. This amount will always depend on the type of activities we hire there and the lifestyle we are going to allow. The flights take almost half of the budget, however, life there is very economical.

If we opt for this option, we can finance the trip through personal loans because they allow us to repay the loan in comfortable monthly installments with a lower interest rate than the credit cards. A good alternative is to finance the amount of flights and save for the rest of the costs. With a loan of 800 euros to return in 3 months, the fees would amount to about 305 euros. In a short time we could solve the credit and we would avoid paying more interest.

Financing to travel to Disneyland Paris as a family

If we are looking to spend time with family, Disneyland Paris may be a good idea. There are many travel companies that organize packs to travel to Paris and Disneyland , which will provide us with a complete budget and will take care of all the details. Financing this trip may be a bit more expensive, as you have to pay for tickets, accommodation, park tickets and pay the travel agency. The average budget for a family of 3 people, a weekend and through the agency Halcón Viajes is 1,563 euros.

To finance the trip we could resort to personal loans, since with them we can access high amounts to be repaid up to 10 years with monthly payments that adjust to our economic situation. Another option is to pay with the credit card. In this case, the total cost will be higher.

If we want to have a loan of 1,600 euros and return it within a period of 8 months, the monthly fee would be 205,8 euros. We would be paying a total price of 1,646.42 euros that represent an interest of 46.42 euros.

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