Conquerer of the Travel Industry

The search engine conquers the travel industry

Image result for travel industryEverything Google, or what? Well, the Internet giant seems to understand its craft and is working on the intelligent merging of individual information modules . In no other industry is this as clear as in the tourism industry . And this has really arrived on the internet. As offline revenue continues to decline, the online business is growing to infinity. In 2011, 25 billion euros were already transacted online . (Source: ) No wonder then that Google would like to benefit from this and enter the market with its own or aggregated offers. Globetrotters enjoy the new variety, travel providers and agents bang their hands over their heads. But what is Google actually doing and where are the chances and risks for travel providers?

Google’s entry into the travel industry

Travel Professionals have known it for a long time: the key to success in the travel industry is to look at the entire holiday process as a whole. This is exactly what Google does by providing or planning a corresponding offer for each process step (see the following figure).

Inspire with Google

The first step to travel sales is “inspiration” , ie “wake up holiday wishes”. Conventional travel providers accomplish this through advertising, which is spread, if possible, in a variety of marketing channels. Google’s inspirational helpers to date are “YouTube” and ” Panoramio ” . This fits very well: the travel industry is highly emotional and (moving) images reach more than a thousand words. But Google+ also has the potential to get involved here. Theoretically, social networks are able to provide an accurate picture of user preferences through profile information, holiday photos, comments, fan pages, and more. Under certain circumstances, even the time of need can be determined and then tailored travel offers are delivered. In the fvw (issue 14/11), the tourism trade magazine par excellence, the vision has already been discussed that travel plans can be stored in Google+ . Thus, Google can not only be notified of their own wishes, but it is also not excluded that friends and acquaintances to first-class recommenders.

Google – A portal for information search and travel booking

What the traveler needs first is a suitable hotel . How do you find this? Of course, through the Google Hotel Finder . The previous hotel search via Google Maps has been expanded and turned into a stand-alone product in the middle of the year. So far the hotel finder is available only for places in the USA. In terms of functionality, it seems to be quite comprehensive. First of all, the place of accommodation can be restricted via an input field and a map restriction. Then the searcher gets a list of hotels located in this area, including a detailed description of the hotel, photos, star classification, Google user reviews and the best price. Once an interesting hotel has been shortlisted, it is possible to book it. Daily rates are displayed by all Google advertising partners and the hotel itself. Google now earns 0.2% on the forwarding to these travel providers called Expedia, and Co. Technically, the entire process through the CRS Trust International , with which Google has been cooperating since February 2011 and the forwarding directly into the booking systems the travel agent allowed.

If you do not want to go to the destination or swim, you are thankful for a flight connection. As our readers could already find out last week, Google also has a solution here: the Google Flight Search . Necessary for Google was the purchase of the software provider ITA , whereby about half a year ago $ 100 million were pushed over the table. As with the hotel finder here is a far-reaching limitation by airline, number of stops, airport request, etc. possible. Earnings are calculated on a commission basis per transfer to the booking system of the selected airline.

The loyal travel companion Google

Arrived at the resort, it is exciting things to see and to experience. Very interesting in this context is that ITA not only flights but also relevant events (from Ticketnetwork), trips (from Isango) and restaurants aggregated. So far, you can also use the Google services Google Maps , Google City Pages, Google Places and Google Offers for your own entertainment program in the resort. The former not only provides you with detailed city maps , you can also get weather forecasts and travel times via Google Maps. Google City Pages then provides information on places of interest , Google Places allows you to find restaurants, bars, events, wellness temples and much more, and Google Offers can be used to acquire vouchers for these locations in a subsequent step. The acquisition of Dailydeal for about $ 150 million , which was announced this week, fits perfectly into the picture. (Source: ) So why not book the discounted massage application on-site via Google soon? If Google Wallet prevails, then you do not even have to have cash or credit card in the near future. How convenient.

The journey is over – The Google reminder remains

The last step in the travel process is to reflect on your vacation . Good that Google is one for that too. It should absolutely written a review of the hotel (Google Hotel Finder), the restaurant rated (Google Places), photos set (Picasa and Panoramio) and finally all about intense “Pluseinsen” recommended to his friends. Phew, that’s it.

So you see – meanwhile, the entire holiday trip is feasible through Google. However, one downer remains: Trainee colleague Olaf rightly regretted in our meeting yesterday that Google Health was abolished. Otherwise, traveling without a vaccination certificate might have been possible soon. Too bad.

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